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Blog of the Camino Inglés to Santiago de Compostela

Steps of the Camino Inglés:
1. Ferrol (arriving and visiting)
2. Ferrol - Pontedeume
3. Pontedeume - Betanzos
4. A Coruña (visiting)
5. Betanzos - Bruma
6. Bruma - Sigüeiro
7. Sigüeiro - Santiago de Compostela

This is the second track of the Camino Inglés.

You can group it with the first one. In the first one, i did the visit to Ferrol and started the first 3km of the Camino Inglés. Then i stopped in the hostel and started from there.

You can find many tracks that say the first track from Ferrol to Pontedeume is 33km. It is! Unless you cut the track in 10km and go by the Fene bridge. I really don't recommend it. But the path is yours.

So, this track is quite extensive. Around 30km. You will find it easy to do, but it starts to be heavier from Neda and Fene. You will go up a little and you will descend a lot when arriving to Pontedeume. My feets were hurting. I had to break a lot, and the backpack was not helping!

Although you find a very industrial area in Ferrol, that you will keep seeing it till Fene, the overall landscape is nice and silent. Neda has a public albergue that has all the facilities you may need. I recommend it.

Magdalena beach is quite nice and Pontedeume is also great and beautiful. A small place that you visit quite easily but very pleasant. The albergue is confortable and in front of the river! NICE! But is has no kitchen to cook. :(

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