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perto de Zhaojiagou, Xinjiang (China)


Small Ski Resort hidden within the National Park. In order to access you need to have a special permit to drive into the park that can be arranged by the hotel located in the resort. The whole complex is basically 3 buildings: the visitors centre, the main ski resort building and the athletes accommodation.

Access to the park doesn't come in form of any paper, but simply its your car plate being written in a book that is held by the security guide at the car entrance to the park 20km down the valley. Security guards at the ski Resort complex also not used to foreign faces and took 15 minutes to convince i am actually staying in the resort.

Main purpose of me staying here was that it is within the national park already and only 5km from the upper gate to the Tianchi lake (so total 15km from the lake itself).

The evening hike around the complex was nothing special, however if i had more time and could wander off further away this is a wonderful place for a hike.

Due to the fact it is within the national park with highly restricted access it is completely empty. Tourists who do ventures into the park go straight to the Lake area and no one hikes around the Ski Resort area.

Beginning of the hike straight north from the hotel

hoping to see snow covered peaks. unfortunately due to the fact this area is still at relatively low altitude the horizon was still obstructed by several green hills and i only could see small sections of snow covered peaks.

There was no trail, or perhaps an animal trail at best through the rather sharp dried grass lands

Wearing shorts was a very bad idea

Looking south east


Climbing sharp up along the skiing slope - perhaps a future ski jump


Back down at the main ski resort terminal, looks pretty abandoned, but actually it wasn't.


Seems like an accommodations


Late night BBQ

My hotel had NOTHING to offer except a bbq lamb. No vegetables no drinks, just the meat skewers. Luckily i was made aware there will be no food and so i got myself couple of fruits including he famous Xinjiang watermelon and a melon.


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