• Foto de Yuba Rim Trail BYLT
  • Foto de Yuba Rim Trail BYLT
  • Foto de Yuba Rim Trail BYLT
  • Foto de Yuba Rim Trail BYLT
  • Foto de Yuba Rim Trail BYLT
  • Foto de Yuba Rim Trail BYLT

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Uploaded 19 de Outubro de 2015

Recorded Outubro 2015

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próximo a Sebastopol, California (United States)

Easy, scenic trail with some nice views off of a wide paved road with parking on the South side of the road and overflow parking / bonus attraction in the abandoned quarry on the North side of the road.

No facilities or fees and dog, horses and bikes are allowed. The streams were dried up this fall in a drought year but there was a bridge or planks anywhere you'd need them. The sign for the Yuba Rim Trail is not visible from the parking area; look for the large BYLT sign near the entrance and an easy to follow trail. Check out the distant river view from the slightly off trail overlook to the left just after you pass through the line of rocks after leaving the parking lot. Good tree coverage along a dirt trail surface mixed with sections of dirt road. Distant views across the wide canyon and a jumble of moss covered boulders at the trail's end.

The web site http://www.bylt.org/trail/yuba-rim-trail/ as of 10/17/2015 cautions you about a not yet built bridge and poison oak, but both of those issues have been fixed. There are black berries with designs on taking over the trail in a few spots but they are not a problem yet and won't be if a few hikers bring clippers.

BYLT promises to extend this trail in the future.

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  • Foto de Freeheeler

    Freeheeler 20/out/2015

    Thanks for posting this trail, the info and pics are awesome. Happy Trails

  • Foto de Dabillkinator

    Dabillkinator 21/mar/2020

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Very nice trail. Took the whole family they all loved it. Very well marked and cleared trails

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