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perto de Lara, Victoria (Australia)

Hiking in the You Yangs Regional Park combining a few trails including:

Big Rock Walk
3km, 1 hour return
From the Park Office car park, Big Rock Walk winds its way around Big Rock and then back down the same path.

Branding Yard Trail
5km, 2.5 hours return
Branding Yard Trail provides a more gentle walk. Start this walk from either the Turntable car park or Toynes Road gate. From the Turntable car park walk down a medium gradient to connect with the trail.

New 'Northern Range' Walking track

My exact route:
12.7km, 3hrs 10min
Visitor Centre – Big Rock Trk – Rockwell Rd – Saddleback Trk – Northern Range Trk – Branding Yard Trail – Rockwell Rd – Big Rock Trk – Visitor Centre.
A fairly easy walk with a few moderate to steep grades along the way. The most challenging part was the new Northern Range track which I would class as moderate.

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