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próximo a Spital am Pyhrn, Upper Austria (Austria)

A classic trail across Warscheneck massif (northernmost tip of Totes Gebirge) that starts and finishes at the uper station of Wurzeralm funicular.

Photos nonattached to any specific waypoint were taken during the initial ascent from the plateau and feature Brunnsteiner lake and the outlines of Haller Mauern peaks (Bosruck, Grosser Pyhrgas).

Opposite the Rote Wand

Trail crossroad near Rote Wand massif.
Passo de montanha

Rote Wand mountain pass

Outlines of Sengsengebirge as seen from the mountain pass near Rote Wand.

Rote Wand

The summit of Rote Wand (of 1872 m elevation).

Along the way across Warscheneck massif

Breathtaking views of nearby mountains (Riegler Ramitsch, Ramesch, Warscheneck etc).

Along the way across Warscheneck massif

Toter Mann (Dead Man) plateau.


The summit of Warscheneck is 2388 m elevation.

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    felidae.lea 1/jun/2019

    Hello, I love your pictures. Is the trail hiking or also climbing, it looks very challenging anyway 😁 how hard was the tour?

You can or this trail