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perto de Path End, Newfoundland (Canada)

Unofficial ECT (2017) from Cappahayden to Chance Cove (Chance Cove Provincial Park). This is a largely unmarked, unmaintained, undeveloped and unmapped route.

Starting from the north, the route follows a well used ATV trail / gravel road for about 1.5km until reaching Seal Cove. After the river crossing, another coastal ATV trail continues but quickly deteriorates to a muddy mess. As this trail disappears, the route alternates repeatedly from following the coast to heading slightly inland - it traverses marshy areas and remains mostly wet until about km # 8.

As the route climbs Cape Ballard, it enters forest with some relatively easy bushwhacking. Keep a close eye out for markers. Soon after entering the forest it again reaches the coast and follows along a steep hillside overlooking the ocean. Travel is easy until reaching the point.

At 10km, the descent from Cape Ballard starts... things become difficult as the hiker enters a dead forest with many matchstick blow downs. While there are some markings in this area, no discernable path remains - head inland to avoid very slow progress near the coastal cliffs.

** Consider deviating inland from the GPS route after km # 10 as necessary for easier travel. Head back in the general direction of where the track returns to the coast at km # 11 ASAP to stay on track. **

Shoe Cove is at 12km. The river here varies from being a rock hop crossing to a knee deep ford after / during rainfall / snow melt. Soon after Shoe Cove, it enters a healthy forest - there's a marked route with some easier bushwhacking.

By 14.5km the hiker reaches an area of exposed, slanting coastal cliffs that offer dramatic views in all directions. Stay well back from the edge in windy conditions. The lighthouse at Cape Race can be seen to the south - some 20 trail kilometers away.

At km # 16.5 there is limited bushwhacking as the route follows the coast - it soon drops to the rocky beach. The final river ford - usually the deepest from knee to waist deep - is at 18.5km. The path leading into the campsite area at Chance Cove Provincial Park is just beyond the river.

River Crossing @ Seal Cove


Unnamed River Crossing (Slippery)


River Crossing @ Shoe Cove


Ford @ Chance Cove Brook


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