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Uploaded 8 de Julho de 2017

Recorded Julho 2017

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2.221 m
790 m
58,84 km

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próximo a Villeta, Departamento de Cundinamarca (Republic of Colombia)

An amazing trail along this historic and once very important railway route that is over 100 years old. Not always possible to stay on or near the railway route but for 90% of the route, this is possible. The only major risk to this trail is the unrestrained guard dogs of the properties either side of the track. Had three nerve-racking encounters with vicious dogs. Keep a hard stick with you and few stones just in case. Be confident and walk with intention. Another tip might be to start this trick from Alban towards alright I would say it is more rewarding and spectacular to start in Villeta and progress up to Alban.

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11 comentários

  • Foto de Oscar Upegui

    Oscar Upegui 1/ago/2017

    What a good journey, Congratulations,
    Welcome to Colombia.

  • Foto de arenasjj

    arenasjj 18/set/2017

    Did you complete it on just one day?

  • Foto de Stuart Oswald

    Stuart Oswald 18/set/2017

    Yes, arenasjj. It took me about 11hrs.

  • Foto de arenasjj

    arenasjj 18/set/2017

    Your entry says it was 58 k, but looking in google maps, it says 28k. What's the right number?

  • Foto de Stuart Oswald

    Stuart Oswald 18/nov/2017

    Sorry for my late reply arenasjj. Google maps correctly states it as that. But I did not walk the google maps route. I followed the old railway from Villeta to Alban which is different. Thanks for your question. Do you want to walk this route?

  • Foto de Stuart Oswald

    Stuart Oswald 18/nov/2017

    BTW Oscar Upegui, thanks so much for the awesome review. I am glad that you liked it.

  • Foto de marlonny

    marlonny 8/set/2018

    Hey man, you see any dog restrictions?

  • Foto de Stuart Oswald

    Stuart Oswald 8/set/2018

    No Marlonny, no restrictions at all.

  • Foto de arenasjj

    arenasjj 3/out/2018

    I want to complete this route, but I'd like to be sure how long it is. 58k is very long for just one day, specially if it's going up.

  • Foto de Stuart Oswald

    Stuart Oswald 4/out/2018

    Yes, I am sorry. The same trail is 58.84km. This is the nearest route that google shows (it shows the nearest road but not the rail tracks that I walked). However, I walked half the way from Sasaima to Alban on the highway that I not very nice. I recommend that you do not walk along the highway but aim for Chime and La Frontera ( I also recommend that you walk downhill from Alban to Villeta. Estacion Namay to Villeta is easy, just follow the train tracks and it is really spectacular. Tell me when you would like to walk this route, maybe I can walk with you.

  • lunden.bjorn 27/mar/2020

    Really awesome, Stuart. In january 2020 I made a bike tour with my foldable GW bike from Bogotá to Tobia, passing Facatavivá and Villeta, together with Alejita from Tolima. We passed much of the scenery in your video. And the small treneta is still parked at the train station of Villeta.

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