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próximo a Senhora do Rosário, Madeira (Portugal)

18 km – 1300 m ascent
Rating: 4 out of 5

This hike starts at Encumeada, where there is a parking, picnic place and a souvenir shop along the ER105 road. It follows the Verada da Encumada (PR1.3) towards Pico Ruivo, a beautiful trail where I had great views of the clouds that were passing over the ridges. You leave the PR1.3 trail after 4 km and head south towards the Pico Grande (1654 m).

WARNING: the part of the trail connecting the PR1.3 and PR12 is marked in Openstreetmap as “Alpine Hiking trail” and it is not in the same good condition as the official “PR” trails. It’s a bit overgrown here and there but very well do-able nevertheless. “Alpine Hiking” seems a bit exaggerated but better be safe than sorry, in case you are not in good condition!

The right trail to climb to Pico Grande was a bit difficult to find. To climb to the top of Pico Grande, there are some old iron ropes to help you. Be careful, they are rusty and damaged, with some sharp wires sticking out here and there! The climb to the top is worth it because the views are great.

After the Pico Grande, you follow the Camino Real da Encumeada (PR12) back to Encumeada. After about 16 km you can choose between taking the very steep wooden stairs along the big water pipe of the Levada do Norte. These stairs are quite overgrown at some places and as I said, very steep (100 m climbing over 300 m length). You can also follow the PR12 back to the road ER105, which is probably the better option. I took the stairs :-)

Take enough water for this trip. I had 2.5 liter with me which was barely enough on a hot day. I should have taken 4 liters since the climbing made me very thirsty! Besides the souvenir shop at Encumeada there’s a snack bar as well, and I was very happy with the half liters of Coke and water that I bought there!


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