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perto de Bârzeşti, Bucureşti (România)

Văcărești Natural Park has been established by the Governmental Decision no 349/2016. A natural park is “a protected area managed mostly for landscape conservation and recreation”. It corresponds to Category V of IUCN classification, namely “protected landscape”.

Văcărești Natural Park is the first urban natural park in Romania, only 5 km away from the city centre, being also the largest green space in Bucharest, covering 183 ha.

Văcărești Natural Park has its own administration body (according to the Contract no 3370/GLG/07.04.2017 signed with the Ministry of Environment) that manages the park in partnership with the City Hall and other institutions and organisations with strong experience in nature protection and conservation, research, ecotourism and education.

The mission of Văcărești Natural Park’s Administration is to:

Protect the biological diversity
Promote healthy recreation in the middle of the nature, and ecotourism
Develop, deliver and support education activities for nature observation and interpretation, and scientific research
Văcărești Natural Park is the first urban protected area in Romania, and the largest green space of its capital, Bucharest.

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