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This is the highest of the seven mountains, and can offer a great view towards the city. It's possible to walk from Ulriken to Fløyen along the famous trail called "Vidden". The trail to Ulriken starts on a road. When coming to a river, the climbing begins. First through the wood, then you come to a crossroad. The left one is more steep, but also much faster. The right one is a bit longer, but not so steep.The right one is maybe best for families. The view towards south gets better when you come above the forest. It's a TV Tower and a restaurant on the top. You can also choose to take the aerial tramway to the top. It was re-opened in May, then it also came a new souvenir shop. Ulriken is 643 meters high. The TV Tower and the upper station of "Ulriksbanen" lies at 615, but it's just a five minutes walk to the top.


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