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próximo a Bjørk, Sogn og Fjordane (Norge)

Simplest way to implement this trip is to drive into Hjelle, which is the end point of the trip. Hjelle lies in Utladalen valley, 7 km from Øvre Årdal. Park your car here and take the bus to Turtagrø, the bus departs 0855 am. and is scedued i the summer months

Turtagrø - Skogadalsbøen. 6 hours.
The tour starts at Turtagrø Hotel, first on path, then on gravel roads inland the valley Helgedalen. Fanaråken rises majestically on your left side. Well up at the cottige Ekrehytta, take the path eastward marked Skogadalsbøen and you will now have beautiful view southwards against both Skagastøls- and Styggedalsryggen. After 2-3 hours walk you come to Keisarpasset. Through Keisarpasset the trip continous down to te lake Gjertvatnet and you have a great view towards Uranostinden, Stølsnostinden and Falketind. The last part of the stage to Skogadalsbøen goes down Gjertvassdalen, over the river Utla and down the hillside to Skogadalsbøen.

Skogadalsbøen - Vetti / Hjelle. 6-7 hours
The first part of the walk is the slope under Friken. After 1.5 to 2 hours you pass the the highest part of this second day walk and you look inward Fleskedalen and down towards Vettismorki where the tour continues. All the time with a fantastic view towards the peaks and valleys on the west side of Utladalen; Styggedalstindane, Skarsdølstindane and Hurungane rises majestic. Once down at Fleskedøla it's time for a refreshing bath before walking further in the birch forest towards Vettismorki. The beautiful summerfarm houses with Hurungane as a background motive is a great a vision. A detour to the Vitti waterfall is also a "must". Amazing to stand and view the water plunging into the Utladalen. With its 275 m this is the highest unregulated waterfall in the country. No the path turns down the mountain side to the small farm Vetti. From here it is 5 km gravel road to Hjelle.











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