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próximo a Trampa, Sør-Trøndelag (Norge)

Probably the most accessible peak in Bymarka from Trondheim.
The trail is well marked but not crowded: you can find local people enjoying the nature, but everything is calm and relaxing. Depending on the weather of the previous days, it can be muddy.
From the top the view is spectacular!
If you want a shorter trail, you can skip Kobberdammen lake and go back to Trondheim (there are signs everywhere): I had a bit of extra-time before the thunderstorm, so I decided to have a look a the lake, that is indeed very nice and calm.
There are no facilities for food and drinks. In Kobberdammen I saw a few of local people having picnic and camping.

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  • christophe.watteyn 13/ago/2018

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    mooie wandeltocht. toch is het een beetje zoeken naar het juiste pad. een goed kompas met kaart is aan te raden.

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