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219 m
6,14 km

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perto de Campo Raso, Viana do Castelo (Portugal)

Trilho não sinalizado com início facultativo junto à EN-307. Agradável de percorrer devido à vegetação envolvente, passando também por zonas privadas de cultivo. O track foi gravado com o GPS Garmin eTrex 30.

INÍCIO/FIM (Trovela)


Ponte rio Trovela


Ponte Rio Trovela

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  • dondon 7/mai/2013

    Eu fiz esta trilha  verificado  Ver mais

    Very nice parts.
    Nice nature: nice streams, corc-woods, ferns, small fields, we met on the hole trail nobody else.

    We needed 1,6 additionally KM to find the right way. We had to turn around an search hard 2 times.

    You should use waterproof shoes. In the valley it can be very wet.

    With the app you'll find the right way very steep down trough the fever trees.
    Then, almoust at the river you have to estimate the right path. Its not visible, everywhere is water, grass and steps.
    Luckyly we found the small bridge, directly behind the bridge sharp right and took the very tiny trail at the river, pure nature.
    After 5 Minutes the hairpinbend at the little cottage is was not feasible, too much water. It was better to continue on the visible trail up to the small old road, there left and you'll meet the descripted path after 10 minutes.
    Then you will walk one hour on that street. 10 Minutes after another hairpinbend you will leave the good visible path into the fern fields. Its than again a small single-trail. With the app good detectable and a very nice part of that roundtrip.
    We got than to the street and finished with the street but there is also a trail parallel to the street some meters below.

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