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próximo a Morro da Pedras, Santa Catarina (Brazil)

Trilha da Lagoa do Peri - Cachoeira da Gurita - Cachoeira do Sertão do Ribeirão. esperamos

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    Guillermo de la puente 16/abr/2017

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    Fantastic trail! Definitively must do it if visiting Floripa. I made more or less what is on the map, but not exactly. The trail leading from the lake to the waterfalls is super fun.

    Start at the main entrance of the lake park, there is a bus stop right there, so ask somebody to let you know when to get off. The path is clear to follow most of the time. After 40 mins or so, I ended up walking in the lake around some properties. It was fine, not deep, water didn't reach my knees. The second portion of the trail starts after seeing the waterfalls, and you start it by crossing the river where indicated. Just pay attention as you walk in that area so that you don't miss it.

    There is a nice man living next to the waterfalls. If he is home, he can take you by kayak down back to the lake for 40-50 reales, although that will take you away from this trail and back to the lake.

    Wear good shoes and take mosquito repelent. It was exhausting sometimes because I made it in April after a night of heavy rain. Everything was wet and slipery, which made the parts with rocks very tricky.

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