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perto de Longfaye, Walloon (Belgique)

Very beautiful hike in the valleys of the Bayehon, Pouhon and Warche rivers, on the edge of the Hautes Fagnes. The walk takes you past the waterfalls of Bayehon and Reinhardstein, the latter being the highest waterfall in Belgium, the castle of Reinhardstein, the stone quarry “Carrière de la Warche”, and the reservoir dam of Robertville lake.
The walk starts near Moulin de Bayehon on the Ovifat-Longfaye road. From here you follow the Ruisseau de Bayehon through the valley until you get to the Bayehon waterfall (see waypoint). You go further upstream until you get to the moor "Vieux Chêne", the highest point of the route at about 610 meters (see waypoint). Here, you leave the Bayehon river and go downhill over partly very muddy tracks through the woods until you get to the Longfaye-Xhoffraix road, where you join the valley of the Ruisseau du Pouhon (see waypoint). You follow a broad forest track until you get to a bridge across the Pouhon stream (see waypoint), where you climb out of the valley to Xhoffraix village. From the village you descend again through the woods on a smaller track to the Warche river. Here you will find a seemingly abandoned stone quarry (“Carrière de la Warche”), which you can enter for a short visit. From here you walk upstream on a broad forest road along the river (see waypoint for Warche river valley). After 3.5 km you cross the river on a wooden bridge (see waypoint), and you climb out of the valley, and then follow the edge of the valley until the reservoir dam of the Robertville lake (see waypoint). En-route you will find several viewpoints, among others of Reinhardstein castle (see waypoint). After having passed the dam (barrage), you go back along the valley towards Reinhardstein castle. You walk to the entrance for a sneak peak of the castle (can only be visited on pre-reserved guided tours). Here you see the Ruisseau de Cheneux making its way to the Reinhardstein waterfall. From the castle you walk back 200 meters before descending on a small path to the river, which you cross on a wooden bridge to the south side. From here you follow the river until you get to the Reinhardstein waterfall, the highest waterfall in Belgium (60 m), see waypoint. To see the waterfall up close you have to cross the river back to the side of the castle on stepping stones. When you are done making pictures you go back across the river and continue along the river on a tiny path until you get to a bridge and a broader track which takes you along the Warche river to where the Bayehon river flows into the Warche (see waypoint for Bayehon river valley). Here, you follow the forest track which frequently crosses the river at a ford. At these fords, you can better take the foot bridges to avoid getting wet feet. After 2.1 km you will be back to the starting point.
Only at the reservoir dam, you will find a place to eat and drink something. Waterproof shoes are convenient as you frequently walk on muddy tracks. You will mostly walk in woods, apart from a moor at the highest point, and pasture around the village of Xhoiffraix.

Barrage de Robertville

Reservoir dam (Barrage de Robertville), 55 m high. There is a parking and a small bar-restaurant here.
Ponto de informação

Bayehon Valley

Here starts the Bayehon valley and the start of the end of the walk is in this valley. The forest road frequently crosses the river at a ford, and on each of these places, a bridge is provided for hikers.
Queda d'água

Bayehon Waterfall

Beautiful 9 m high waterfall in the Bayehon stream.
Ponto de informação

Moor 'Vieux Chêne'

Near the top of the valley the Hautes Fagnes moors start. You divert from the Ruisseau de Bayehon here and continue southwest along the moor. It is quite wet here and there are all kinds of makeshift bridges here.

Pouhon Bridge

Samll bridge across the Pouhon stream.
Ponto de informação

Pouhon Valley

Here you start to follow the Pouhon valley on a broad gravel forest road until you get to the bridge across the river.

Reinhardstein Castle

Nice castle on the edge of the Warche valley. It is private property. You need to join a tour if you want to enter the castle, and there are only a few of those.
Queda d'água

Reinhardstein Waterfall

The highest waterfall (60 m) in Belgium just besides the castle. You need to cross the Warche river here (wading/stepping stones) to get to the foot.
Ponto de informação

Stone Quarry Carrière de la Warche

This stone quarry seemed to be abandoned. At least, it was possible to enter it and have a look around.

View of Reinhardstein Castle

The valley is very wooded, so you have an unimpeded view of Reinhardstein castle at the other side of the valley at only a few points.
Ponto de informação

Warche Bridge

Bridge across the Warche. This is the only bridge between the quarry and the castle. At several other points there is a ford to cross the river, but at these points you will probably not keep your foot dry.
Ponto de informação

Warche Valley

From this waypoint you walk upstream until the reservoir dam. The first 3.5 km is on a broad gravel forest road next to the river, and after a bridge you climb the valley slope to finally end up at the dam.
Ponto de informação


You walk through quiet parts of the village. Here and there you have nice views into the distance as the village is on a hill between valleys.

52 comentários

  • Foto de Marleen Claeys

    Marleen Claeys 3/ago/2015

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    Wij vonden deze wandeling erg mooi , op 600 m na hebben we deze wandeling gevolgd , aan de waterval achter het kasteel was het wel een beetje zoeken om terug op de juiste weg te geraken ..

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 16/ago/2015

    Dag Marleen, op een steile helling en in het bos is het voor de GPS altijd wat lastiger de precieze plaats te bepalen, en daarna dan ook terug te vinden. Heb de beschrijving nog iets aangepast. Blij dat het op een paar 100 meter na toch gelukt is en je het een mooie wandeling vond!

  • Foto de Christophe Defraine

    Christophe Defraine 27/set/2015

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    Very beautiful landscape, nature, and spots to enjoy waterfalls, to have a break/lunch. Very hard to find safe place for the car but actually, you can park at the B&B below (along the river).

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 28/set/2015

    Thanks Christophe, for your review and comments! The parking opportunities at the start are indeed a bit limited, especially in a busy weekend. Thanks for the tip on the B&B. Alternatively, you could start out early, or start the walk e.g. in Xhoffraix or at the reservoir dam, where there is more parking.

  • Foto de Opac Paco

    Opac Paco 27/dez/2015

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    Chouette randonnée

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 27/dez/2015

    Heureux que vous avez apprécié la randonnée.

  • Foto de JF_B

    JF_B 20/jun/2016

    Hello Tjaart
    We did this trail yesterday and it was a fantastic one! Thanks very much! We appreciated the variety of the landscapes, the view points, waterfalls, castle, reservoir, etc.
    I used my smartphone to follow the track but it turns out that it's not the best option: battery down before the end of the trail and at the middle of the day the app just kind of restarted so we had lost the distance done, average, etc.
    Do you use a GPS? Would you advise a brand/model ? I think it's time i invest in such a device :-)

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 20/jun/2016

    Thank you JF_B for your review! Glad you liked it. I use a GPS, a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx. It is more than 10 years old, and it still suits me. Rechargeable AA batteries last more than 12 hours. But there are a lot more modern GPS devices available... Good luck in finding one that suits you! Best regards, Tjaart

  • Foto de JF_B

    JF_B 23/jun/2016

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    Fantastic trail! Thanks very much! We appreciated the variety of the landscapes, the view points, waterfalls, castle, reservoir, etc.

  • Foto de oscar palomino

    oscar palomino 18/jul/2016

    Please, let me translate it to spanish (complete this time):
    Muy hermosa caminata en los valles de los ríos Bayehon, pouhon y Warche, en el borde de las Fagnes. El paseo le lleva más allá de las cascadas de Bayehon y Reinhardstein, siendo esta última la cascada más alta en Bélgica, el castillo de Reinhardstein, la cantera de piedra "de la Carrière Warche", y el embalse del lago Robertville.
    El paseo se inicia cerca de Moulin de Bayehon en la carretera Ovifat-Longfaye. Desde aquí se sigue el Ruisseau de Bayehon por el valle hasta llegar a la cascada Bayehon (ver punto de referencia). Ir más lejos aguas arriba hasta llegar al moro "Vieux Chêne", el punto más alto de la ruta a unos 610 metros (ver punto de referencia). A continuación, salir del río y Bayehon ir cuesta abajo sobre las vías, en parte muy fangosos por el bosque hasta llegar a la carretera Longfaye-Xhoffraix, donde se une el valle del Ruisseau du Pouhon (ver punto de referencia). Se sigue una pista forestal amplia hasta llegar a un puente sobre el arroyo Pouhon (ver punto de ruta), donde se sube fuera del valle en pueblo Xhoffraix. Desde el pueblo vuelve a descender por el bosque en una pista más pequeña al río Warche. Aquí se encuentra una cantera de piedra aparentemente abandonada ( "Carrière de la Warche"), que se pueden introducir para una corta visita. Desde aquí, caminar contra la corriente en un camino forestal amplia a lo largo del río (véase el punto de referencia para Warche valle del río). 3,5 km más adelante se cruza el río por un puente de madera (ver punto de referencia), y se sube fuera del valle, y luego seguir el borde del valle hasta el embalse del lago Robertville (ver punto de referencia). En ruta se encuentran varios puntos de vista, entre otros del castillo Reinhardstein (ver punto de referencia). Después de haber pasado la presa (presa), vuelve a lo largo del valle hacia el castillo Reinhardstein. Se puede caminar a la entrada de un adelanto del castillo (sólo se pueden visitar en las visitas guiadas pre-reservados). Aquí se ve la Ruisseau de Cheneux haciendo su camino a la cascada Reinhardstein. Desde el castillo que caminar de regreso a 200 metros antes de descender en una pequeña ruta de acceso al río, que se cruza en un puente de madera en el lado sur. Desde aquí se sigue el río hasta llegar a la cascada Reinhardstein, la cascada más alta en Bélgica (60 m), ver waypoint. Para ver la cascada de cerca lo que tiene que cruzar el río de nuevo al lado del castillo en escalones. Cuando haya terminado de hacer las imágenes que vaya a cruzar el río y continuar a lo largo del río en un pequeño sendero hasta llegar a un puente y una pista más ancha que le lleva a lo largo del río Warche a donde el río Bayehon desemboc

  • Foto de oscar palomino

    oscar palomino 18/jul/2016

    desemboca en el Warche (véase el waypoint para Bayehon valle del río). A continuación, se sigue la pista forestal que cruza el río con frecuencia en un vado. En estos vados, que mejor puede tomar los puentes peatonales para evitar mojarse los pies. En unos 2,1 km, se llega de nuevo al punto de partida.
    Sólo en el embalse, se encuentra un lugar para comer y beber algo. zapatos impermeables son convenientes ya que con frecuencia camina en pistas de barro. Que en su mayoría caminar en los bosques, además de un amarrar en el punto más alto, y el pasto alrededor del pueblo de Xhoiffraix.

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 18/jul/2016

    Gracias por la traducción!

  • geert.dc 17/ago/2016

    Hallo Tjaart, ik ben net mijn uitstapje naar de Oostkantons aan het voorbereiden en kwam je wandeling tegen. Ze lijkt me fantastisch. Ik zal ze volgende week wandelen. Ik laat nog weten wat ik ervan vond.

  • Ynnad Nyref 21/ago/2016

    Really nice route, beautiful scenery, some sections quite steep

  • Ynnad Nyref 21/ago/2016

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    Really nice route, beautiful scenery, some sections quite steep

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 23/ago/2016

    Dag geert.dc, ik hoop dat je het een leuke wandeling vond!

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 23/ago/2016

    Thanks for you review, Ynnad! Glad you liked the route!

  • mingorance.nathalie 21/out/2016

    possibilité de faire la randonnée avec un chien? merci

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 23/out/2016

    Je ne sais pas, mais sur le site http://www.hautesfagnes.be/recommandations.htm il est dit que les chiens ne sont pas admis dans la réserve Hautes Fagnes. La randonnée est pas tout à fait dans la réserve.

  • Quang-Tri 6/nov/2016

    Hi Tjaart,

    Since I dont have a car, could you recommend a mean of public transportation to get to RobertVille or any place that I can follow this trail?


  • Foto de Christophe Defraine

    Christophe Defraine 6/nov/2016

    Dear Q.T.,

    You can start from the Robertville dam. Therefore, you can get there with the bus 748 (stopping at ROBERTVILLE Route du Barrage) or the bus 845 (stopping at ROBERTVILLE Barrage).
    You can also catch it at XHOFFRAIX So'l Warhé in Waimes, with the bus (397 or 395, I don't know which is the good one).
    The journey is very long (3h from Brussels South), so I recommend you to hike with some people and rent a car together (2h).
    I used Google Maps, so check the official websites http://www.belgianrail.be/en/Default.aspx and https://www.infotec.be/


  • rebeccampeti 6/nov/2016

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    Je me suis perdue de temps en temps mais super randonnée!

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 6/nov/2016

    Je suis heureux que vous avez aimé la promenade, rebeccampeti! Dommage que vous étiez parfois perdu...

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 6/nov/2016

    Quang-Tri, it depends on where you come from. There is also a bus from Eupen to Sourbrodt, but then you have to walk an additional half an hour. Eupen can be reached by train. Also from Malmedy there is a very infrequent bus to Longfaye. And there is the advice by Christophe.

  • Foto de ciaran.hudson

    ciaran.hudson 27/nov/2016

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    I did this walk yesterday with a few friends and it was really enjoyable.
    We drove from Brussels which took about 90 mins.

    For easy of parking and we started and finished in Xhoffraix. It also meant our we could convene at a precise address in the town.

    None of us are particularly skilled at orienteering or experienced hikers, but we were able to follow the route easily enough with the GPX file on my phone.
    Note: I had my phone on battery saver so that it lasted the whole route.
    2 or 3 times the GPX file didn’t seem to correspond exactly with paths on the route, but we were able to get back on track easily enough. We never strayed more than 5 mins off route before realising our mistake.
    Note: If you have this problem and there are signs for waypoints like the castle or the waterfalls, we found following the signs served us well.
    The route itself was really enjoyable.
    Technically it is on the easy side of moderate. Some of our party didn’t have great hiking boots but were still able to get around the terrain without difficulty. Of course, I’d still recommend good hiking boots if you have them.

    From Cascade du Bayehon to went directly back to Xhoffraix cutting out Moor ‘Vieux Chene’ because we were running out of daylight. It meant we were walking for about 4.5 hrs rather than 5.5hrs, but it still felt like a good day of walking.

    Apart from parking the other benefit of starting and finishing in Xhoffraix was that we could finish the day with a well-earned local beer in the tavern Chez Remy.

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 28/nov/2016

    Thanks ciaran.hudson for your extensive review and your recommendations on the tavern! Glad you enjoyed the route!
    By the way, the most muddy tracks were between the moor and the start of the Pouhon valley, which you just missed.

  • Foto de UNSUB_2698788

    UNSUB_2698788 16/fev/2017

    Really nice https://nl.wikiloc.com/routes-outdoor/tour-of-bayehon-pouhon-warche-valleys-20-6-km-8276528#wp-8276536/photo-4814223

  • Foto de UNSUB_2698788

    UNSUB_2698788 16/fev/2017

    amazing work mate https://nl.wikiloc.com/routes-outdoor/tour-of-bayehon-pouhon-warche-valleys-20-6-km-8276528#wp-8276537/photo-4814242

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 18/fev/2017

    Thanks, Roy! https://nl.wikiloc.com/routes-outdoor/tour-of-bayehon-pouhon-warche-valleys-20-6-km-8276528#wp-8276536/photo-4814223

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 18/fev/2017

    Thanks, mate! https://nl.wikiloc.com/routes-outdoor/tour-of-bayehon-pouhon-warche-valleys-20-6-km-8276528#wp-8276537/photo-4814242

  • Sahar.sargheini 22/mai/2017

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    Very beautiful trail indeed. It is highly recommended for people with a good physical fitness (because of the length of the trip). However, those with children or reduced mobility can still enjoy parts of the trail.
    Tip: At the very beginning, do not follow the track taken by Tjaart, as it takes you up to the hill and immediately down (which is very difficult if not impossible for most people). Instead, just follow the route next to the river and after a couple of minutes you will be back on the track.

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 23/mai/2017

    Thanks, Sahar.sargheini, for your review. I think I followed the route next to the river; maybe the GPS was off a bit at the start. Anyway, you should indeed follow the main track along the river at the start, which crosses the river at a ford. As a pedestrian, you can use a bridge at this ford. Glad you liked it!

  • evers193 20/jun/2017

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    Fantastic route, waypoints are easy to follow. Winds through picturesque small Belgian towns. The castle is worth the tour of I think 8euro. Really wonderful day. I took the TEC bus from Eupen/Verviers to Ovifat and walked in. Parking looked to be available on many different road crossings, but I am sure it fills up since there was a decent amount of people on the train.

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 20/jun/2017

    Thanks for your review and tips/comments, evers193! Glad you liked it!

  • mohamed hassanine 18/ago/2017

    I am planning to go but I don't have any GPS device besides my own smartphone.
    Are there signs for routes that I can easily follow ? (if the GPS does not work or out of battery etc.)

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 18/ago/2017

    Mohamed, you could import the gpx-track in https://www.outdooractive.com/en/tourplanner/ and then print out a map on paper or to a pdf (which you can import to your mobile) and use that to orientate yourself in the field. I am not sure about signs in the field. Most of the hike is not difficult to find, as it follows river valleys. Good luck and enjoy the walk.

  • mohamed hassanine 22/ago/2017

    Thanks Tjaart, I used the wikiloc app and it was good.

  • ranjinim80 20/out/2017

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    Beautiful sceneries,amazing experience...

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 23/out/2017

    Thanks, ranjinim, for your review, and glad you enjoyed the trail!

  • olivier.dlt 20/nov/2017

    Eu fiz esta trilha  verificado  Ver mais

    Très belle rando, à recommander !
    Merci à l'auteur.

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 20/nov/2017

    Merci Olivier! Heureux que vous avez apprécié la randonnée.

  • muhammedfatih 5/out/2018

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    très belle randonnée. Il faut être très concentré après le barrage afin de ne pas se tromper de route.

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 7/out/2018

    Merci Muhammed, pour vos commentaires! La route après le barrage est difficile pour le GPS à cause de tous les arbres et de la pente raide... Heureux que tu aimes la promenade!

  • Foto de johan1980

    johan1980 19/fev/2019

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    mooie route, goed uitgezet bedankt tjaart

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 19/fev/2019

    Graag gedaan, en bedankt voor de review, Johan.

  • mohamed hassanine 26/ago/2019

    Thanks, Tjaart for this amazing track. I liked a lot walking next to the water for so many hours. I was also surprised by the medieval castle in the middle of the hills. By the way, there are guided tours in french dutch german and English with no prior reservation.

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 26/ago/2019

    Thanks for your comments and tip, Mohamed! Glad you liked it.

  • Foto de Anete Jerumane

    Anete Jerumane 9/abr/2020

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    Really great trail, thanks!

  • Foto de Njurg

    Njurg 22/ago/2020

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    My group of walkers did this trail a couple of times, and every time we manage to miss some turn around the quarry... :D Still, it's a very nice, diverse hike :)

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 22/ago/2020

    Thanks Njurg for your comments! Nice to hear that your group keeps coming back to do this hike despite missing a turn frequently!

  • Foto de Michel Hauchart

    Michel Hauchart 8/nov/2020

    Merci pour cette belle trace que nous avons faite au départ de Xhoffraix.
    Comme mentionné dans ma publication, j'attire l'attention sur 2 points :
    - l'itinéraire emprunte des vallées profondes peu lumineuses, humides et très froides en hiver.
    - la cascade du Bayehon, le château de Reinhardstein et le barrage de Robertville sont des "spots" très courus par les touristes. Les jours d'affluence, il faut s'attendre à pas mal de monde.
    En sachant cela, c'est une très belle sortie.

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 9/nov/2020

    Merci Michel, pour vos commentaires. Bien que la promenade ait été un plaisir!

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