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próximo a Tonbridge, England (United Kingdom)

Lost gloves are deposited at the Lost Glove Tree - provided you care to bring the lost gloves here. I was wondering: if you find a (lost) glove somewhere, would you care to bring it to the lost glove tree? And if you do - do you assume, or hope, that the rightful owner will visit the lost glove tree to see whether his or her glove is deposited here? If you lost your glove in - say - Wales, or on the Mont Blanc, or at Ightham Mote, would you visit the Lost Glove Tree to see whether it ended up here? How far would the owner or the loser travel to find a lost glove? What type of loser would come to the Haysden Water to search for his or her lost glove? How many gloves are lost between Tonbridge and Penshurst? Why are so many gloves lost between Tonbridge and Penshurst? Are people coming to this area to lose their gloves? Do they throw their gloves away in the hope they end up on the tree? How many people visit the Lost Glove Tree, to find their glove or leave it there? Do people hang up their gloves without actually losing them - just to have their glove on the Lost Glove Tree? Do people purposely lose their gloves to see whether they will be hung up on the tree? How many right-hand gloves are up the tree compared to left-handed gloves? Would the answer lead to any conclusions? Should there be separate trees for left-handed gloves and right-handed gloves? If one glove is lost, what is the likelihood that the other glove will be thrown away? How large or small is the likelihood that two gloves of the same pair end up on the same tree? Is there another tree, somewhere in the world, that collects the opposite gloves of the Lost Gloves Tree? If not, why not?

Riddles over riddles. The pub-lunch at Penshurst was good, and the sun shone on our way back.

Haysden Water (Lake/Pond)


Leicester Arms (Pub)

Leicester Arms (Pub) Sevenoaks, Kent, GBR

Penshurst Gardens (Garden)

Penshurst Gardens (Garden) Sevenoaks, Kent, GBR

View to Penshurst

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  • Foto de Toby Palm

    Toby Palm 8/jan/2020

    So many questions about the glove tree... Thankfully there are plenty of kilometers and hours of walking on this route during which one can ponder these most gripping of questions.

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