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491 m
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próximo a Ampelákia, Thessaly (Greece)

In general, an easy trail, except the parts we lost the path due to the dense vegetation...
One can follow it if he wants to play Tarzan...
Alternatively , this route:
is probably the appropriate one to follow...

Pinios - Tempi Valley

Pinios - Tempi Valley

Tempi valley

Tempi valley
Sítio arqueológico

Orias Castle

The ruins of Orias Castle.

Water source

Not sure if it is drinkable.

Water source of Gregoris Konstantas

The water fountain was build at 1797.

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  • Foto de mehdi.tabibvand

    mehdi.tabibvand 11/mar/2020

    What a beautiful path
    Your photos are really exciting and you will surely have a great day
    I would be happy to visit my page and send me your opinion
    With respect and friendship

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