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perto de Merav, Northern District (Israel)

This hike is a combination of first two segments of the Spring Valley Trail, a multi-day trail going around villages of the Jordan Valley. This hike is best done in the end of the winter season and never in the summer (as the temperatures get insanely high and there is not much shade).

The hike begins at Shamir viewpoint on top of the Gilboa mountains with a gorgeous panoramic views of the valley below. You can reach the starting point by foot from the kibbutz Maale Gilboa (~2 km), which in turn can be reached by bus from Afula.
The hike follows Spring Valley Trail markings which are well-maintained and clearly visible.
The trail goes down the mountain to Maayanot park, and to the Qantar bridge (end of the first section). From there the trail goes through the Beit Shean forest to the city of Beit Shean, and via endless fields to the Kohav HaYarden castle (Belvoir). There you can sleep in a well-maintained campsite (paid).

מצפור שמיר


Good place for rest


גשר קנטר


Nice viewpoint


A long awaited piece of shade!

Good place for a lunch break

Battle of Belvoir Castle

Also known as Kohav ha Yarden


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