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Trail com 12 Km, com subida ao Píncaro ( ponto mais elevado da Serra do risco ), e passagem pelas pedreiras, e Marmitas do Gigante.

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    wanderart 6/out/2019

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    One of my favorite hikes in a lesser known and frequented area in Arrabida. Half of the way follows a ridge and the view is just breathtaking.
    Sometimes the way is overgrown and I recommend to take long trousers/shirt with you else you will have lots of scratches - the bushes that grow along the path are quite spiky. There are also parts of the track that are hard to see and follow but we never got lost - there is always a way nearby. The way back is more relaxed and flat and goes through a beautiful forest.
    I found the hike quite easy: you mostly walk on a dirt path with some rocks in-between sometimes, nothing too hard.
    Also the ascension is moderate. The only challenge was the navigation, as I mentioned before.
    I can definitely recommend this hike, all the scratches are worth it ;)

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