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Vista do Rei - Sete ciadades

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    big_açores 18/nov/2008

    Legends from SEVEN CITIES

    A legend very simple but full of poetry, speaks to us of the ancient kingdom of Seven cities, whose Kings had a very lovely daughter. The princess loved the rustic life, why he walked by the very fields, including hills and valleys, villages and customs. One day a young shepherd found. Length and talked with him, that conversation was born to love. They, therefore, to meet every day, swears mutual love and affection. But the princess had marked the target because a prince, heir to another kingdom, wanted her hand. There was therefore to suspend the reverie with the pastor. So the princess was forbidden to meet with him, but you provide an farewell. But the find was the last time, both wept as much, either, that their feet are in two ponds - a blue, made of the tears spilled from the beautiful blue eyes Princezinha; another, green, due to falls of tears green eyes of young shepherd. The two lovers are separated for ever, but the lakes made of the tears of both, they never split.

    (This is one of the many legends that people account on the appearance of the Seven Cities Lagoon on the island of San Miguel - Azores)

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