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Uploaded 20 de Julho de 2019

Recorded Julho 2019

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Short and nice walk that brings you to the top of Pika hill. From the top you have a good viewspot of the mountains of Rondane.
The walk starts from the road 219 in Øverdalssætra where you can leave your car. Then the walk goes up through a dirt road (which is not marked in Wikiloc map, but it is on Google Maps, just look for Kaffe Øverdalssætra), marked with "Pika signs". Once you leave the road, there is a bifurcation, both paths brings you to the top. We chose the right one, going through the forest with a smooth slope. Once you leave the forest, the path becomes a bit more steep (not so much) until reaching the top. Then, you can go down in the same path you went up or you can just go down following a path that pass between two lakes. This path will bring you to Øverdalssætra, where you found the bifurcation. Just continue down to get your car again.


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