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próximo a Katwijk aan Zee, Zuid-Holland (Nederland)

Circular walk through Katwijk aan Zee, taking in the many faces of this seaside resort.

If you want to avoid paying for parking tickets, you need to park your car further away from the beach and the sea, as well as outside the centre of the village.
On Nachtegaallaan (opposite the cemetery) it's still free. Besides, it provides you with the opportunity to come back or start your walk through a dune area.

However, the newly developed car park underground is definitely an asset.... by creating parking space right under the boulevard. A team of architects, urban designers, landscape architects/gardeners and engineers took two years to design and build it on behalf of the local authority of Katwijk aan Zee. The car park forms part of the new Dutch practice of 'working with nature', in response to the rising sea levels and the need to protect coastal biodiversity.

The car park is a very beautiful object, connecting the resort and the sea with its natural look. Both the visible and underground sections of the car park are well designed and won a prize.

With a 2 km long boulevard and sandy beaches as well as many amenities like free toilets and water points, Katwijk aan Zee has really developed into an attractive resort. And let's not forget the many attractive beach pavillions.

This walk turns into the centre with its shopping area, passes the lighthouse (claiming to be the oldest in the Netherlands) and crosses a historic and picturesque area with white painted fishermen's homes and the white church (Andreas church) dominating a cosy inner court yard (Andreashof) which opens on to the boulevard.

Where the boulevard comes to an end, you'll see a special monument (waypoint),
dedicated to the local fishermen, who lost their lives at sea. Their names are punctured into corrugated sheets of rusty iron. At sunset you can take a wonderful picture there.


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Building of interest

Monument on boulevard

Remembering those who didn't return.


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