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perto de Bāniyās, Quneitra (Syria)

Beautiful hike in the northern part of Golan heights. The trail starts near the Banias parking lot (but don't park there since the parking opens only at ~8:00), follows the green trail up to Nimrod fortress (a visit to the fortress costs ~20 ils and it's worth every shekel). Then it goes down with the road to the nahal Hazori. Here you take a shortcut or go a bit further and do the full Hazori trail (recommended). Finally you can go up to Neve Ativ (and then back down the same road) or just follow the Nahal Govata back to the starting point. Nahal Govata trail is very technical and requires walking on large boulders, so even though it doesn't look long on the map it will take quite a lot of time to finish. The whole trail takes around 10 hours to finish (including several refreshment stops).

Nimrod Fortress


Nahal Hazori shortcut

Follow the blue trail here if you are short on time

Start of the Nahal Hazori trail


Hazori/Govata junction

Here you can choose to go up to Neve Ativ (and then back down) or simply follow the Govata trail down to the parking

Start of Govata


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