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perto de Pongnam-ni, Gyeonggi-do (South Korea)

Mubongsan is a 208 meter high hill a few km south south East of Osan city. The hike starts at the Mubongsan Youth Sports Center Parking lot.
Driving Navigation: 810 Dongcheon-ri, Jinwi-myeon, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do
By train/Bus: Get off at Jinwi train station. Walk three minutes to the Habuk Samgeori bus stop. Take the 6-1 bus to the Mubongsan Chamnamujip bus stop. Walk 12 minutes to the trailhead. See Google Maps for details.
There are several parking lots with an alternate trailhead from the first parking lot. We parked in the second lot a little further up. To start the hike continue to follow the road that will turn to dirt and then just a path. The path will bring you up the the ridge. When you get to the ridge (intersection 1) make a left. About 100 feet up the trail there will be an unmarked trail on your right. That is where you will come out on the return. The hike continues up and down along a ridge. At one point the hike crosses a small road. Make a left onto the road and pick up the trail about 100 feet later on the right. Make a right turn at intersection 2. Note that I did not mark all intersections, just the ones you have to turn at. At the summit there are makers and a stand with binoculars and there are good views in most directions. As you leave the summit going south, turn left at intersection 3. You can go right for a shorter hike and will intersect this trail later on. Follow the ridge down to a cemetery. When you get down to the mausoleum parking on the right, turn right crossing the ditch to the dirt road/path following it across the hill past a couple more small cemeteries until you get to a dirt road. Take a right going up the valley. Follow the road to the end where there will be a path into the wood. This path will take you up to the ridge you were on earlier (intersection 4). Then retrace your steps back to the trailhead.
A fast hiker could do this trail in under an hour of moving time.
Ponto de informação

Trailhead Parking

There are a couple of parking lots, an regional map, and toilets a few minutes into the hike. Note that the map does not show the hiking trails.

Intersection 1

Make a right at the ridgeline.

Exercise area 1

There are several exercise areas and benches along the trail.

Intersection 2

Take a right at this intersection

Exercise area 2

Another exercise area. Only two pieces of exercise equipment at this spot. Good benches for a rest.

Trail 1

There are two parts of the trail that are a bit steep that have staircases. This one and another just before the summit.

Exercise area 3

Another exercise area.


From the summit there are good views in all directions except south which is blocked by pine trees.

Intersection 3

Just below the summit going south you can go in either direction. We went left which is a little longer hike.


About half way down the hill, turn right past the mausoleum.

Intersection 4

This is where you will intersect the trail you were on earlier. Turn left then in about 100 feet turn right down the hill back to the trailhead.


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