• Foto de Mt Victoria return
  • Foto de Mt Victoria return
  • Foto de Mt Victoria return

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Uploaded 7 de Agosto de 2014

Recorded Agosto 2014

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próximo a Warburton, Victoria (Australia)

Garmin Oregon 550 with HRM and Temperature sensor.
Mt Donna Buang via Mt Victoria walking track.
6 Aug 2014 - Snow from RL 850m mark
Didn't make it to Mt Donna Buang. I was finding 10cm of snow to difficult to walk through.
Snow is pretty but to cold for my liking and returned at the RL 1170m mark.
No loss in GPS signal provides a great profile of walk.

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  • Foto de SenorFreebie

    SenorFreebie 30/abr/2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    The main difficulty in this walk is how steep and muddy the trail is. This makes it an excellent pack training jaunt, accessible from Melbourne's public transport system. Throw something heavy in your pack, and either ride the Warbuton Rail Trail to the base, or catch the bus from Lilydale ... climb the hill, consider going on to the Donna Buang summit for a view, then return to a cafe at the bottom to check for leeches.

    As for the view, and the scenery on the side of the trail ... it's miss-able, compared to other walks in the area. You walk alongside a paddock for a bit, and through some predictable ferns, but the incline is steep enough to keep you looking at your feet most of the way. After you've finished with the steep portion, you cross an asphalt road, and walk up a dirt one to the Mt. Victoria summit. The day I went this way we could barely see the tower that's situated there, let alone any view ... but the forest path that goes from there to Donna Buang is quite nice. The undergrowth is low enough that you can see the forest clearly ... it almost hints at being sub-alpine in a couple of sections.

  • Foto de Bush Blubberman

    Bush Blubberman 7/mai/2015

    SenorFreebie you have summed up this track very well.

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