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próximo a Oga-ri, Kangwŏn-do (South Korea)

The peaks of the Seoraksan Mountains break through the clouds while jade-like water flows through the valleys, creating breathtaking views and making this Korea's most famous national park. Due to the many rare species found here, UNESCO designated this national park a Biosphere Preservation District in 1982. The mountain range located here stretches over an area of 373 ㎞² with the highest peak reaching 1,708 meters. The most famous tourist area near Mt. Seoraksan National Park is the city of Sokcho. The eastern part of Sokcho has sparkling water along the coast, while the western part of the city connects to the most famous mountain of the national park. This area is said to be blessed with beautiful natural surroundings: beaches, ski resorts, hot springs, and historic treasures. Accommodations in the area include hotels, condominiums, and small motels. The facilities in the area are well-made to accommodate the three million annual visitors to the park.

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  • Foto de Forest

    Forest 20/nov/2007

    The photos of Mt. Seoraksan National Park on the website linked to the trail's name are impressive, the scenery is really beautiful. Thanks Sheen!


  • Foto de Wonho Shin

    Wonho Shin 20/nov/2007


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