Horas  5 horas 31 minutos

Coordenadas 1346

Uploaded 7 de Outubro de 2010

Recorded Maio 2010

608 m
269 m
19,0 km

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próximo a Doksy (Czech Republic)

Spring trek from Doksy near Machovo jezero (lake) to Bezdez castle over some small hills. Note that there are two Bezdez nearby - the less known is called Small Bezdez and is located on neighbour hill.
Machovo Jezero
Parking Lot
Kralovsky Kamen 316 M
Slatinne Vrchy 429 M
Maly Bezdez 577 M
09-KVE-10 16:34:13
09-KVE-10 16:42:55
Bezdez 604 M

2 comentários

  • Fernand Schaubroeck 28/jul/2018

    Very nice trail! We did enjoi it,
    Lilyane and Fernand from Belgium. 28/07/2018

  • Foto de Petr_Sedlacek@centrum.cz

    [email protected] 28/jul/2018

    I am glad you enjoyed, nice to hear. Greetings from Pilsen :)

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