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próximo a Káto Vlasía, West Greece (Greece)

Hike to peak of Kallifoni in Erymanthia from village Ano Vlasia.

0,0k at 830m - Ano Vlasia. Start from the village (parked the car in front of church) and following the road to waterfalls (there are some signs). First road is a dirt road but very soon after the village turns into asphalt.

3,2k at 1000m - Waterfalls. At the bend of the road there are some nice waterfalls (see photos).

3,6k at 1000m - Start of hiking path. Route leaves the asphalt road and goes inside the forest. The path is not very well visible but there is a small marking with a white/red ribbon on one of the trees. I was using GPS trail so I found the place easily, but without GPS it might be not so visible.
As route goes deeper into the forest it follows the spring and it becomes more and more beautiful! Great old path among dense trees with zero sun! (see photos from 'forest' waypoint)

5,5k at 1300m - Small huts. Out of the forest and route passes next to some huts (which I assume are summer shepards houses, now abandodned). Later crosses dirt road (Ano Vlasia - Lechouri) and into the forest again to meet the same road about 500m later at 1500m altitude. Nice path starts from here going alone the ringe with views to south-east and later in all directions.

8,6k at 1870m - Snow. Last part of the ascent was covered with snow and I could not pass as I didnt have proper equipment with me (mainly crampons would be useful). I was about to turn aournd and give up for the day, when I realized I can alter a bit the route and pass from south side without snow, through some rocks. Half climbing, half hiking I managed to the peak :-D

9,3k at 1994m - Peak of Kallifoni. I didnt have great views due to worse weather at the top. Strong wind and some clouds blocked most of the view.
At this point I realized that my descent trail would have to pass through the couloir/gully full of snow! Again I was close to decide to go back as I came instead of completing the loop, but I was lucky to meet another hiker equiped with crampons and as the snow was getting softer with rising temperature, I could follow his steps made with crampons :-D We managed to pass through the snow area withou any problems until forest where snow cover finished.

10,8k at 1500m - Small plateau (end of snow cover). Route continues down with nice traverse into the forest, again next to small spring. It passes next to dirt road at 11,8k and later again at 12,6

12,6k at 1070m - Dirt road. Marked trail to Metochi village continues down after crossing the dirt road, but I went left with the dirt road in direction to Monastery of Ag Nikolaou Vlassias.

14,2k at 1075m - Monastery of Ag Nikolaou Vlassias. Just before the monastery, dirt road reaches asphalt and goes up to the monastery. Nice view to the summit.
At return, 300m from monastery route leaves asphalt road to the right with dirt/stone road down to the village of Ano Vlasia (starting point). At 15,2k route turns down to the right with small path leaving the dirt road (shortcut to the village).

15,8k at 830m - back at the car through the village.

Very nice route! with great views and some challanging part with rock climbing and descent through the snow. I gave it a difficult level for these two (normally, in the summer I would probably mark it moderate).


Ano Vlasia (start)

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dirt road


dirt road






dirt road


dirt road

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