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perto de West Point Grey, British Columbia (Canada)

A hike from facilities at the Iona Beach Regional Park parking lot to end of the causeway and back. The causeway juts out into the Straight of Georgia, passing under the main VYR arrival or depature flyway, as well as regular helicopter and float plane routes. Take binoculars. The attached 70-200 telephoto pictures give an idea of what you will see.
There is a large tidal range here, with lots of sea bird activity, also great views to north shore mountains, Mount Baker, and across the Straight of Georgia to the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island mountains. Kildeer, Eagle, Heron, Cormorant, Tern, Seagull, Geese, shorebirds.
On the inland side there is a marshy lagoon with boardwalk, and duck and backbird activity.
This route can also be done by bicycle on a wide, light to moderate gravel track. The paved access road is an active bike training area, and there are possibilities for up to 50 km tours, or even longer.


Large paved parking lot, popular bicycle starting area


Washrooms, water fountain

Marsh Viewing Boardwalk

Blackbirds, Blackberries, wildflowers, mountain views to North and SE (to Mount Baker)

Viewing Platform, start of Causeway

Bicycles go on gravel road bed on the south side with views to south. Walkers go on an elevated path with panoramic views.

On causeway

best area for shorebirds
Refúgio de montanha

Rest area, shelter

Refúgio de montanha

Second rest area

Ponto de observação de aves

Sand bars at low tide


Edifice and porta-potty


Lookout Platform

Terminus of Causeway, heron roost and cormorant activity


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