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próximo a Hesteyri, Vestfirðir (Lýðveldið Ísland)

Day 1 = Hesteyri to Stakkadalur/Latrar.
Struck out up the trail fairly late in afternoon. It was already drizzling, so we didn't stick around Hesteyri to explore. The hike was pretty simple. Routefinding is easy and the terrain isn't very steep. Cairns at the top kept us on track when snow and ice (in AUGUST!) obscured the trail. We were treated to an amazing sunset at the peak before the descent into Stakkadalur (see photos). We chose to stay at Stakkadalur rather than go all the way to Latrar. For one, it was getting dark. We were tired, and with the tide in, the little creek just downslope from Stakkadalur was actually about a 75 foot crossing.

Day 2 = day hike up to the radar station ruins and back.
After breakfast and gorging on the wild blueberries all around Stakkadalur, we headed up the old jeep trail toward the radar station. The hike is pretty non-descript and the way we went only provides views back across the fjord to where you came from. The radar station ruins are interesting and worth some photos. We went back down the way we came up, but there's an alternate that takes you around another way.

Day 3 = Return to Hesteyri over same route.
Beautiful views, blueberries along the path, and hot coffee at the cafe at the end. We got to Hesteyri with more than enough time to enjoy our late afternoon. The weather turned back to rain, but we did get to see many artic fox darting around (see photos). The next morning was coffee and hot chocolate and pastries at the Doctor's House before getting on the ferry back to Isafjordur.

Cafe in Hesteyri


Emergency Hut in Latrar

Sítio arqueológico

Military Base Ruins

The ruins of a Cold War era NATO radar station. There are two ways to hike up, so you can make it a loop if you want. There are 3 sets of buildings. This is the barracks, mess, motor pool, etc. The radome is SSW of here.

Stakkadalur Campsite

There is a summer home/cabin here. It's much more private than Latrar. It has a picnic table, running water from a tap, and blueberries on the hillside. It's private property, so be very courteous.

Arctic Fox

Sighted a few foxes

Top of Pass

Top of the pass to Latrar. There may be slight gains from here, but it's mostly all downhill to the camping

5 comentários

  • Traipse 13/abr/2013

    OMG... you saw foxes! I want to see foxes.

  • Foto de Problema

    Problema 15/abr/2013

    They actually aren't nearly as elusive as people would have you believe. In Hesteyri they were coming up to our campsites. I think people must feed them.

  • Traipse 6/ago/2013

    I have followed this trail  View more

    I didn't go to the radar station. We just hiked to Latrar and spent the night and came back to Hesteyri.

    We saw at least 5 foxes! They came right into our camp in Hesteyri. It's pretty obvious that people feed them - which is kind of a shame but I'm grateful to see them. So cute!

    The next day we started a multi -day trek to Hornbjarg. I'll see if I can post my own track instead of just reviewing others!


  • Foto de Tom Bunzel

    Tom Bunzel 12/mai/2016

    Thank you so much for all of the information!
    I was wondering if you walked it all by foot or did you drive a car from one hike to the other.


  • Foto de Problema

    Problema 15/mai/2016

    You have to walk it by foot. There are no cars in this part of the Westfjords. We took a ferry from Isafjordur to get to the beginning of the trail in Hesteyri. After that one boat ride we were on foot the entire way.

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