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perto de West Hawk Lake, Manitoba (Canada)

If you compare this to Hunt Lake Trail April 2015 I, you'll see this is longer because we kept getting off trail. It's very poorly marked and I'd say dangerous to go solo. Go in a group of at least 3 and PLEASE MARK IT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

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  • Darren445 22/out/2017

    I hiked the whole hunt lake hiking trail including the back loop on August Long Weekend 2017 and just last Friday, October 22, 2017. The non maintained loop was very hard to navigate in the summer with all the leaves. I marked the trail a bit in August. On Friday when I went the trail was way more enjoyable and easier to navigate with all the leaves gone. I marked the trail like crazy especially between the shelter and the Manitoba/Ontario border where the trail is most grown in. I used light red flagging tape. The trail should be easier to follow now. I didn't mark from where the trail enters the clear cut to the second creek crossing because I didn't know where the actual trail was.

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