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perto de Big Island Landing, Manitoba (Canada)

The Hunt Lake trail is officially a 12.6 km there and back hike. This track starts part-way through the official trail, past the trail terminus, and continues over the 'unofficial' trail. This trail used to be a 'balloon' route before it was reduced to a 'there and back' route. The 'unofficial' trail covers the remnants of the original route.


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After the trail disappears through the clear-cut, regain it here on this ridge.

'Broken Ankle Bridge'

Primitive log bridge crossing the Whiteshell river. Before this bridge was built you had to jump across, which was very tricky when the rock near the water was wet and slippery.

'Clear Cut Crossing'

Primitive log bridge over Whiteshell river. Not much to look at but it gets the job done. Before this bridge was built you'd have to find a conveniently fallen tree to cross.

Beaver Dam

The last, and most formidable, beaver dam you have to cross. You have to find a path through bushes and small trees that have grown on the dam. The dam is still maintained, so you might not have much room on the water side. Look further to your left to see another upstream dam that's even more impressive.
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End of the official trail. There is a shelter where you can have your lunch before heading back. In nice weather you can sun yourself on the rock or cool your feet in the water. If you continue on the 'unofficial' trail, keep heading East.

ON Border 1

Crossing into Ontario.

ON Border 2

Back to Manitoba.

Parking Lot

There is a large sign marking the start of the trail, and a metal box that usually contains paper maps. The first 20 meters is indicative of the climbing involved on the rest of the trail - if that's too much for you, you probably shouldn't continue.

Turnoff to Visitor Centre

Junction of side trail that apparently leads to the border Visitor Centre. I've never taken this side trail.

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  • Darren445 22/out/2017

    I hiked the whole hunt lake hiking trail including the back loop on August Long Weekend 2017 and just last Friday, October 22, 2017. The non maintained loop was very hard to navigate in the summer with all the leaves. I marked the trail a bit in August. On Friday when I went the trail was way more enjoyable and easier to navigate with all the leaves gone. I marked the trail like crazy especially between the shelter and the Manitoba/Ontario border where the trail is most grown in. I used light red flagging tape. The trail should be easier to follow now. I didn't mark from where the trail enters the clear cut to the second creek crossing because I didn't know where the actual trail was.

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