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perto de Glen Cross, Ontàrio (Canada)

Very nice series of trails just a few minutes drive from the town of Orangeville. Beautiful forest with loads of mature maples, rolling terrain and numerous stream crossings. The path is in great condition, is well marked and there are several opportunities to adapt the hike to suit your needs.

There is a parking lot at the start/finish point and the first few hundred meters is along the side of the roadway. A good variety of trees including stands of cedar, red pine and lots of towering maples that would be spectacular in the fall. Birds were plentiful and we spotted a blue heron by one of the ponds near the north end of the Cam Snell loop.

A portion of the hike is on the well known Bruce Trail that winds from the Bruce Peninsula to the Niagara region. This particular portion, known officially as the Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve, is a popular area with several access points and it is well worth exploring. One of the best I've seen in the area.

Intersection 1

Get off the main road to the right (north).

Intersection 2

Take a right for the Tom east loop.

Intersection 3

Turn right. Take the ladder over the fence. Edit: The ladder and the fence have been removed!

Style 2

Another of several fence styles. As with streams and bridges, not all are noted as way points in this description. Update: This one has also been removed.

Intersection 4

left turn here.

Intersection 5

Right turn here.

Bridge 1

Over a stream.

Bridge 4

The fourth bridge in quick succession.

Bridge 5

Left turn over the bridge to cross the stream.

Intersection 7

Turn right for the Isabel East trail section.


Good flat area by a stream. Great spot for a lunch or extended break. Not sure if overnight camping is permitted.

Intersection 10

Turn left here.

Intersection 11

Turn right here.

Intersection 12

Intersection 12


Fence style followed by another one that I didn't bother to record.

Bridge 6

Lots of bridges and streams.

Intersection 13

Cam Snell side loop.

Bridge and stream

Bridge and stream

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  • Foto de maxini2001

    maxini2001 2/jun/2017

    Beautiful hike, great description, nothing to add.

  • Foto de Port flora

    Port flora 31/jul/2017

    Oh, and I should give credit to Maxini for finding this gem. You're the best!

  • Foto de mehdi.tabibvand

    mehdi.tabibvand 11/mar/2020

    What a beautiful path
    Your photos are really exciting and you will surely have a great day
    I would be happy to visit my page and send me your opinion
    With respect and friendship

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