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próximo a Dhelfoí, Central Greece (Greece)

Starting from Delfi city follow the "skala" up to "Kroki" in the place of the 3rd photo .Follow the signs "E4" trail under the fir trees in the forest till a
cross-forest road ,go to the left till the end of forest road and after 5 min of walking you are in the peak "Marmara" 1st photo.
Return back via slope ( no trail ).

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  • Foto de den.orlov

    den.orlov 18/mai/2014

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    Made with kids (8 years old twins) just first part of this trails (till fork), very beautiful

  • Simonjp13 17/set/2016

    Nice hike, lovely views throughout. Path up the trail to the top signed and easy to follow all the way. Last 100 metres no trail but easy walking. Was an active fresh water fountain available around half way up. Way down ridge pretty rough going, only take if happy off trail.

  • Simonjp13 17/set/2016

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    See comment for review

  • Foto de emilio-p

    emilio-p 13/mai/2018

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    Lovely trail

  • fduchinar 30/ago/2018

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    It all goes well until you have to go down the slope without a trail. Also I was attacked by some Shepard dogs on the trail, but that's likely just my bad luck.

  • stinerino 29/set/2019

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    Nice route. You follow a pad but after the top it is free style down the hill for like a hour.

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