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perto de Litóchoro, Central Macedonia (Greece)

Climbing Mount Olympus is a non-technical hike, except for the final section from Skala summit to Mytikas summit, which is YDS class 3 rock scramble. It is usually hiked in two days and starts either form town of Litichoro or a closer point – Prione (1050m). First day goal is to reach Refuge “A” - Agapitos on 2100m attitude. From refuge Prione to Refuge “A” is some 7km walk with 1000m ascent. Trail run all the time through forest and can be described as very pleasant. It takes around 3-3.5h and there are two common rest places approximately on each 1/3 of trail. From Refuge “A” to Skala (2866m) is around 5km long hiking trail with 750m ascends and it takes some 2-2.5h to reach it. From Skala to Mytikas is serious rock-climbing section. Descend take same path and it is usually taken same day all way down to Prione. After short break in refuge “A” it is basically almost 2000m of descent. Those who don’t like rock climbing can take trail from Skala to Skolio (2911m).

Cross trails

From this point one can either continue to Skala, Skolio and Mitikas or turn up-right to Stefani



Mitikas 2917m

Refúgio de montanha


Refúgio de montanha

Refuge 'A' - Agapitos


Rest point 1

Approximately 1/3 way from Prione to Refuge "A" - Agapitos

Rest point 2

Approximately 2/3 way from Prione to Refuge "A" - Agapitos
Ponto de informação

Information sign


Skala 2866m

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  • Foto de Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction 9/out/2013

    Congratulations - very nice! And some great pictures!

  • Foto de Kralj

    Kralj 9/out/2013

    Thanks :)

  • Foto de Stole

    Stole 11/dez/2015

    Veoma atraktivna staza,dopada mi se. Pozdrav iz Brčko distrikta BiH. https://sr.wikiloc.com/rute-outdoor/greece-olimp-skala-2866m-mitikas-2917m-5396185#wp-5396192/photo-2825191

  • Foto de Stole

    Stole 11/dez/2015

    Svaka čast sve pohvale, https://sr.wikiloc.com/rute-outdoor/greece-olimp-skala-2866m-mitikas-2917m-5396185#wp-5396194/photo-2825120

  • Foto de Stole

    Stole 11/dez/2015

    Kao sa krova svijeta. https://sr.wikiloc.com/rute-outdoor/greece-olimp-skala-2866m-mitikas-2917m-5396185#wp-5396194/photo-2825124

  • Foto de irena.vukmir

    irena.vukmir 12/jul/2016

    Mount Olympus, Greece 25.8.2015. Thessaloniki - Litochoro - Prionia - Refuge A Spilos Agapitos - Skala - Kako Skala- Mytikas. It was tiresome route to do all at once without rest. Not usually losing breathe but this turned to be heavy because i forced it and it is long route. Mytikas through Louki 18.8.2014 was way easier. Walked almost without stop (except to eat twice for 15 minutes) from 10:30 am 25th Aug - 2:00 am 26th Aug, since i walked back part of Prionia - Litichoro 18km road road during the night. On the way to Mytikas from Skala, you must pass a corridor Kako Skala (evil steps, evil stairs). Passing through corridor is not so scary and dangerous as it seems from a distance. YDS class 3 rock scramble and class 4 (3s4).

  • kobelev.anton 7/mai/2017

    Very usefull. Thanx man.

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