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perto de ‘En Boqeq, Southern District (Israel)

Nahal Bokeq offers great desert views and is perfectly suitable for full moon night hikes. There is no designated parking at the beginning of the trail, but there are several options to leave the car on the side of Road 31.
The suggested hike follows the green bicycle path going all the way to Bokeq waterfall, from there you can see the Ein Bokeq resort and the Dead Sea below. From there you go back following 4x4 trails until you reach the Tamrur Cliff where you can wait for the sunrise.
The whole trail is ~17 km and should take approximately 6 hours to finish.

Green trail

The trail begins with green trail marks

Go right

Here the green trail was updated, the new version goes right and is slightly easier to follow

Continue with the green trail

Follow the river bed using green trail signs

First Ein Bokeq viewpoint

This is the first point from which you can see the Ein Bokeq resort

Second Ein Bokeq viewpoint

This is the second point from which you can see the Ein Bokeq resort, from here take the red 4x4 trail going northwest

Turn left

Turn left here to (unspecified) 4x4 trail

Turn left to black 4x4 trail

This trail goes back to the Tamrur Cliff

Sunrise viewpoint

Go the edge of the Tamrur Cliff to watch the sunrise

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