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Blog of the Camino Inglés to Santiago de Compostela

Steps of the Camino Inglés:
1. Ferrol (arriving and visiting)
2. Ferrol - Pontedeume
3. Pontedeume - Betanzos
4. A Coruña (visiting)
5. Betanzos - Bruma
6. Bruma - Sigüeiro
7. Sigüeiro - Santiago de Compostela

I will write in english because many foreign people like to explore the Camino Inglés | English way, path to Santiago de Compostela.

This is the first track of the Camino.

This is the Ferrol track. This track starts in the Bus station and goes till the starting point of the Camino and till the Ferrol Hospedaje (where i stayed and that was the starting point of my journey in the next morning).

I took a GPS track in my Etrex30 but somehow it gave me an error when i left the BUS station and i got a little lost. Then i reinitiated the device and it was ok. I made some repetitive patterns over the city, but they were ok.

I left the BUS station, went to city centre, supermarket, starting point of the Camino and till the hostel, that was very near the Camino track, to re-start in the next morning.

Ferrol is a beautiful city with sunlight. In streetview it seems more ugly than it really is.

The Camino is not very easy to follow. You get some alternative paths and GPS tracks in wikiloc seem different from each other. The tracks are more consistent from the main garden of Ferrol. There, you can find the stone marks. Generally speaking i can say that the Camino is hard to follow in this city. Be alert.

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