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Uploaded 8 de Agosto de 2008

Recorded Junho 2008

228 m
34 m
3,94 km

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próximo a Sanguinho, Azores (Portugal)

Faial da Terra Salto do Prego

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  • Foto de Anderson

    Anderson 8/ago/2008

    Cool track through a beautiful area. I'd appreciate to know if it is possible to do it hiking or mountain biking? I don't see the activity icon.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Foto de El Mascarat

    El Mascarat 8/ago/2008

    Hello Anderson. I was just making a test of wikloc, is the first time I've use it. The route in for hiking and you have full details in We wil visit Azores Islands in two weeks and this is one of the routes we want to hike.

  • Foto de Jordi

    Jordi 8/ago/2008

    You may also find interesting this trail around the one of the many volcano craters in the island:


  • Foto de El Mascarat

    El Mascarat 8/ago/2008

    Thanks Jordi - Gracias Jordi. Lo tenemos en la lista. Vamos a intentar enlazarlo con otro que da la vuelta a la otra mitad del volcan. Aunque igual es mucho para un sólo día.

  • Foto de big_açores

    big_açores 18/nov/2008

    the name of the land that this route is ( Faial Terra )

    I leave here a short video of the small town.

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