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perto de Be’er Ora, Southern District (Israel)

Beautiful hike in one of the most beautiful and remote parts of Israel - the Eilat Mountains. I recommend doing this hike in two days so that it will be easy on your feet and you will have enough time to enjoy the views. However, it is totally possible to finish the hike in one day.
I recommend doing this hike in winter or early spring/late autumn as during the summers the desert gets extremely hot. There is option to get water resupply at Shehoret camp site (contact locals in advance and they will hide the water for you), so you don't have to carry a lot of water with you.
The only option to get to the beginning of the hike by public transportation is by Egged bus 392 from Beer-Sheva or Eilat, the best option is to get to Red Canyon campsite, spend the night there and start the hike with the sunrise.
At the end you can either hitchhike to Eilat or go by foot to Eilat from Mt. Shlomo (~8 km)

Red Canyon


Switch to Israel National Trail


Shehoret Night camp

A good place to sleep after the first day. Also water can be stored here.

Leave the Israel National Trail here


Start of the waterfalls trail


Mt. Shlomo

Beautiful views of the Red Sea and Eilat

Mt.Shlomo/Mt.Yoram crossing

The dividing line between two geological eras - crossing 500 million years in one step!



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