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próximo a Eicherscheid, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

This great trip takes you from Eicherscheid, surrounded by a beautiful landscape of Flurbuchenhecken (hornbeam hedges), down into the Rur valley. Highlights are the Belgenbacher Mühle, viewpoints at the Alsdorfer Bergmannskreuz, the Weissen Kreuz and the Uhusley, the Rur valley, beautiful beech and fir woods, and the landscape surrounding Eicherscheid. Largely on forest roads and clear, sign-posted paths. The path through the Brommersbach valley was a bit muddy.
The trip starts at a parking lot in Eicherscheid. You first make a small detour outside Eicherscheid in the Flurbuchenhecken landscape before you go down into the Holzbach valley on a paved forest road. After about 800 m you turn left onto a path and descend to the Belgenbach. Shortly after you pass the monumental Belgenbacher Mühle, and follow the path through the valley past the viewpoint at the Alsdorfer Bergmannskreuz. You descend to the Rur valley at Grünental, walk a few meters besides the Rur and then ascend to the viewpoint at Uhusley. You descend and ascend again to another viewpoint above the Rur valley, shortly before arriving to the L106 road. Here you climb further on a path to the Weissen Kreuz, another viewpoint with a shelter. You descend to Hammer, and cross the Rur near a campsite. You climb through a sunken lane and then turn sharply left to follow a path above Hammer and the Rur. Later the path descends to the valley floor. Another path takes you up again to Dedenborn where you have a nice view across the village and the road towards Einruhr. You go down again to the valley floor, passing the L106 road, follow the Rur shortly, and then ascend through the Brommersbach valley. With a few serpentines you go from the Brommersbach to a cross at Ahfeild, and then follow the forest road back to Eicherscheid. From this road, which later turns into asphalt, you have great views of the Flurbuchenhecken landscape and the Eifel. You make a detour around the football field before getting back to the starting point.
You will find something to eat and drink at Grünental (about 200 m from the waypoint along the road towards Imgenbroich, at the campsite in Hammer, in Dedenborn about 200 m along the L106 towards the center from the point where you cross the road, and close to the end in Eicherscheid. The Eicherscheid and Grünental restaurants were closed on my trip. This trip was inspired by but not completely the same as walk 13 in the Rother Wanderführer “Eifel” by Dieter Sieger, Maria and Winand Reitz.


Crossroad with a cross

Alsdorfer Bergmannskreuz

Viewpoint on a rock called Weldehüsjes Lei with the Alsdorfer Bergmannskreuz

Belgenbacher Mühle

Monumental water mill called Belgenbacher Mühle


Village in the Rur valley. From this point you have a good view across the village.

Descent into Holzbach valley

Here you start your descent into the valley of the Holzbach stream.

Flurbuchenhecken scenery

On this road approaching Eicherscheid you will see a lot of the so-called Flurbuchenhecken scenery. Beech/hornbeam trees forming hedge rows with trunks growing together.


Here you arrive to the Rur river. There is a parking lot here on the other side of the Belgenbach, an other convenient starting point of the hike. There is a restaurant close by.


Village in the Rur river. There is a large campsite just on the other side of the Rur river.

Path above Hammer

Here you take a short turn left and continue on a path above Hammer and the Rur river, between (a.o.) beech woods.

Path into Belgenbach valley

Here you arrive to a path in the Belgenbach valley.

Path through Brommersbach Valley

Here you leave the forest road and continue on a less well-trodden (and well-maintained) path along the Brommersbach.

Path to Dedenborn

Here you leave the valley to start a slow climb to Dedenborn with nice beech trees especially near the start.

Path to Uhusley

Here you start your climb to Uhusley

Roundtrip around Eicherscheid

You start with a short detour around Eicherscheid with glimpses of the Flurbuchenhecken scenery.

Rur valley

Here you get to the bottom of the Rur valley

Rur valley Dedenborn

You cross the Rur valley again near Dedenborn

Sunken Lane

Here you start climbing the hill past the campsite through a sunken lane.


Rocky viewpoint. The view is largely but not completely obscured by trees.

View of Rur valley

Great view of the Rur valley


View across the Eifel

Weissen Kreuz

Large white cross with viewpoint and a shelter.

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  • Foto de Theunair49

    Theunair49 1/nov/2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Dag Tjaart,
    Ik heb al meerdere routes van jou gelopen, maar deze is bijzonder mooi in de omgeving. Gisteren liep ik de route en de dag ervoor had het gesneeuwd, ja je leest het goed op 30 oktober heeft in de Eifel gesneeuwd.
    Dit jaar niet meer, maar volgend jaar loop ik hem anders om, en start dan ook weer in Eicherscheid.

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 1/nov/2018

    Bedankt en graag gedaan, Theun! Mooi dat het goed bevallen is... De sneeuw was wel al weg op 31 oktober, of lag het er nog?

  • Foto de johan1980

    johan1980 19/nov/2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    schitterende uitgezeten route. gewoon perfect

  • Foto de Theunair49

    Theunair49 19/nov/2018

    Graag gedaan, ik had ook een mooie dag, de dag ervoor had het nog gesneeuwd in de Eifel, maar na een paar uurtjes was de sneeuw weer verdwenen. Ik ben nog bezig met een nieuwe route, komt z.s.m. op de site.

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 19/nov/2018

    Bedankt voor je review, welten! "Perfect" klinkt goed!

  • Foto de Theunair49

    Theunair49 19/nov/2018

    Hoi Tjaart,
    Van jouw routes in wikiloc zal ik er komend jaar nog verschillende gaan lopen. En vooral wanneer ze iets langer zijn dan 20 km. Vandaag ook een mooie wandeling gemaakt, twee routes aan een gelopen. zie de links http://www.afstandmeten.nl/index.php?id=2294542 en een lus er aan zie de tweede link http://www.afstandmeten.nl/index.php?id=2294933 Bijzonder mooi in het Aachenerwald en het drielandenpunt bij Vaals. Ik laat het je wel weten.

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 20/nov/2018

    Bedankt Theun. Ziet er goed uit!

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