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próximo a Katwijk aan Zee, Zuid-Holland (Nederland)

Exploratory walk through the dune area north of Katwijk / Noordduinen all the way to the southern part of Noordwijk and its boulevard.

This route cannot be followed from March 15 to August 15 as parts of the track run through a protected area that is closed during the breeding season. And helpful to know: dogs are also prohibited in that area.

An alternative is possible but this means following the regular cycle and walking paths from Katwijk to Noordwijk and back along the "knooppunten" 73, 72, 21, 20, 22, 73.

This track starts at the Uitwateringskanaal, near the (newly developed) harbour area and near the Willem Alexander pumping station, Katwijk North area.
You can also start from the car park near the dunes (and buy a parking ticket).

The Coepelduynen, part of Hollands Duin, is an interesting and quiet dune area to cross, going up and down, with not many tracks to follow, so you'll have to improvise and find your own way. However, you can hardly get lost here, there's always the Katwijk church tower in sight or the Noordwijk twin tower Sint Jeroen church.

More information about Coepelduinen can be found here, in Dutch:



Vrij wandelgebied


Paal 85-250


Noordwijk B access to beach


Water point on boulevard of Noordwijk


Access to protected dune area

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  • rolf. 5/fev/2018

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    Nice walk, but be aware of the fact that you have to look a lot at your phone to follow the way.

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