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próximo a Cumiada, Castelo Branco (Portugal)

A route from the Serta council website, the Portuguese title is Rota das Estevas. Estavas is a shrub of the Rockrose type, it is very prevalent on this trail.

Route leaflet in Portuguese - http://turismo.cm-serta.pt/media/973268/folheto_srt_pr4_q_print.pdf
Route leaflet in English - http://turismo.cm-serta.pt/media/973253/leaflet_cxserta_pr4_Print.pdf

(There is a shorter version of this route, PR4.1, which starts in Chao do Telha.

A detour can be made from the main route to visit the ancient Varzea Carreira bridge if you have an interest in ancient bridges.

The route, other than alongside the River Tamolha, follows wide tracks which are easy underfoot. There is one section alongside the river where the route is over moss covered rocks which would be slippery when wet.

The route eastwards from the mill ruin at Cova do Moinho is along the levada (irrigation channel) which was used to feed the water that powered the mill from much further upstream. Rain run-off pools in places in this levada but it is easy enough to avoid wet boots where this occurs.

One of the highlights for me was the old wooden pole mill with it's wooden spindle and mill stones still in position, such a difference from always seeing the mill stones discarded to the side and often broken.

The sounds of bird song and rushing water will accompany you on this route.

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There was a flock of them around the school building.
There are a number of these small shrines at the road junctions in Cumeada.
Na N2, no Chao do Telha, há o poste dando-lhe a opção de seguir o percurso completo PR4, ou o percurso curto PR4.1.
If you want to visit the Varzea Carreira bridge don't turn left here but continue straight on until you reach the bridge, retrace your steps back to this point once you've visited it. Alternatively save your visit for another day by following the Rota do Bostelim route from the Vila de Rei council walks, or follow my route "Tamolha bridge" which visits the bridge and follows the Isna river downstream to the dam.
Tamolha river.
Tamolha river
Looking back along the Tamolha river having passed the moss covered rocks.
Tamolha river.
A Redstart enjoying the sunshine.
There were numerous butterflies alongside the river.
This is where PR4.1 rejoins the main route PR4.
Tamolha river.
This appears to have been a very large mill. From this point the route follows the levada that fed the mill with its water power.
An intact wodden pole mill.
Where the levada that used to feed the mill at Cova do Moinho begins.
The harvest from the forests, the processing mill can be seen in the background.
Parking on the roadside east of the church in Cumeada opposite the cafe.
A brace of pheasants burst out of the undergrowth.
A rabbit disappeared into the undergrowth.


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