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próximo a Kalinić, Požeško-Slavonska (Hrvatska)

A medium difficulty hiking trail in the hills that mostly follows the marked hiking route. The trail starts at Međa, road pass Podcrkavlje - Ruševo through Dilj. The trail first goes west to the highest Dilj gora's peak - Cinkovac (461m n/v). After that we return to the pass and continue near the peak Orlovac (435m n/v), where you can't go because there is an army there. Than it goes over the peak Degman (460m n/v) which is the second highest Dilj gora's peak , all the way to the top of Marsonia mont (440.3m n/v) which is also the highest peak of the Brodsko posavlje region. After that, we return and descend to lake Sovsko jezero (330m n/v), which is also called the "Blue Eye of Slavonia", because it is in a small, round, natural depression that reminds the eye with its shape and dark blue-green color.

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    goran.adelsberger 17/set/2019

    The trail can be visited in all seasons, and it is also suitable for mountain cyclists. In the summer, when vegetation is lush, hiking marks are often lost, so it is advisable to have a map and a compass and/or GPS device. This route is close to Slavonski Brod and is easily accessible.

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