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perto de Telford, Manitoba (Canada)

A challenging hike through the Boreal Shield terrain of Whiteshell Provincial Park, connecting the Bear Lake trail head with McGillivray Falls. A large portion of the route is along elevated granite ridges offering some excellent views.Occasionally the trail takes you through beautiful moss-carpeted bogs.

While most of the trail is along the high ridges, there are enough steep and challenging sections to rate this as 'difficult'.

Originally a project of Vern Dutton and later the Scouts/Girl Guides, this trail has been adopted by Trails Manitoba. The original rock cairns and scout plaques that mark the trail have been augmented by arrow signs.

IMPORTANT NOTES (all distances from the West/Bear Lake end of the trail):
-At 1 km there is a beaver dam that you have to cross. When we were there the dam itself didn't look too stable, but we were able to cross using the stones in the creek.
-Just after the 3 km mark there is a very misleading junction. What seems like the only route takes you Southwest to the edge of Hanson Creek with no way of crossing. (I'm sure there is a good reason for this, but have no idea what it is). Somewhat less obvious is the continuation of the Centennial Trail to the Southeast.
-Whiteshell Provincial Park received a torrential downpour in the Summer of 2016. The resulting flooding significantly rearranged the terrain at the McGillivray Falls end of the trail and removed some of the bridges and stair cases that had been in place. Until these are rebuilt this should be considered a challenging portion of the trail.

This track made on September 14, 2016.

Beaver Dam

This crossing may be challenging.


Misleading junction. Avoid the path that heads Southwest.

Turtle Rock

I understand it's possible access to Highway #44 from here, but we were unable to find the path.


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