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próximo a Park Hill, California (United States)

Start this hike at the end of Windsor Blvd in Cambria. There is enough parking for 4 or 5 cars + 1 handicap parking place. This trail is part of the California Coast trail system. The trail is a combination of boardwalks and packed earth and is wheelchair accessible. This trail resides on the West Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. There is a honeycomb of trails on this site, as you can see from the satellite picture.

Great views of the surf and flocks of pelicans. Bikes are allowed on the upper section of the Marine Terrace trail as that section is a fire access road. No bikes are allowed on the lower bluff trail section.
For a map on the other trails and access points in the ranch reserve see:

For other trails in Cambria, try the moonstone beach boardwalk:


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