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próximo a Pulgwangi-dong, Seoul (South Korea)

This hike starts at the Dokbawi Subway station om line 6 in Bulgwang-dong and ends at the 7212/7730 bus stop in Gugi-dong. Even though the hike is only just under 5 miles, I rated it moderate because it is steep and involves scrambling over rocks. There is also no water on this hike so make sure to bring plenty with you. Along the way you will summit Jokduribong and Bibong.

Start by going right out of the subway station (there is only one exit). After about 100m take a left at the light uphill, then less than 50m take a right, and finally after about 100m go left again. You should see a small wall with a mural of children on it. The trail head is right behind the wall. You will then intersect the Seoul Trail in about 1 minute. Take a right. After about 300m there should be a trail going up hill to the left to Jokduribong. Somehow I missed it and took the long way around. If you find the trail, you can take a short cut from the route I took. Either way you will get to Jokduribong. Coming off of Jokduribong, backtrack about 100m and take a right on the trail towards Hyangnobong. Unless you have rock climbing gear, you will just go around Hyangnobong. As you approach Bibong, there will be a sign and fence indicating a restricted danger area. If you have rock climbing gear you can go straight up, otherwise continue hiking around to the other side of bibong where you will find a hiker accessible way up. Going back down the trail, you will soon encounter an intersection where you will take a right turn towards a temple and a ranger station (forgot the names). The trail will split after about 700m. Bear left. to follow this route. When you get to the trail head, you will walk along the road for about 1km to get to the bus stop.
Intersection 1
Intetsection 2
Trail 1
Trail 2
Trail sign
The first summit of the hike (370m)
Intersection 3
Intersection 4
Bibong Peak
Intersection 5
Bibong Peak 2
Bus stop for busses 7212 and 7730 in Gugi-dong by the Hyundai Villas. From here you can take either bus to subway line 3.

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  • Globerunner 4/jan/2018

    A beautiful hike indeed. Be aware when doing this hike in the winter, ice and snow can make part of the path slippery and dangerous. Before climbing up the sometimes steep rocks you should look up and check where you are climbing to, backtracking your steps downwards can be difficult.

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