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próximo a Besiáns, Aragón (España)

From Besians you do not follow the signs to Caballera, but you walk a little way toward Santaliestra. When you pass a small stream you see a very small path on your left hand side which takes you intonthe gorge on the right hand side. The first few meters of the path might be a bit overgrown, but that quickly gets better. However, the path is narrow and there are a lot of bushes, so if it is not too warm, some long pants might be more comfortable.

When you get out of the gorge you walk into Caballera. Right behind the overgrown church you see a small path to your right, where you can also see the yellow and white trail sign to Santaliestra. These sign you can follow to Santaliestra.

From Santaliestra you will walk trough the village, cross the bridge and walk on a dirt road to Besians.


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