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perto de Bay Roberts, Newfoundland (Canada)

This trail runs along the NE tip of Bay Roberts peninsula with a number of access points along the way. A beautiful trek on a clear day with spectacular views of the rugged coastline. The project was developed by Bay Roberts Heritage Inc. with assistance of Human Resources Development and the Town of Bay Roberts.

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Three Sisters

A rock formation with three distinct pillars jutting up from the sea, a wooden staircase provides access to a small beach.

Rugged Terrain


Mad Rock

In Atlantic storms and heavy swells breakers explode against the rocks creating mad water, hence the name Mad Rock.

Long Point - Mad Point

A panoramic view from Port de Grave to Spaniards Bay can be seen from atop the cliffs at the tip of Bay Roberts peninsula.

Fanny's Gulch


Scogglins Head

This rugged outcrop juts up from the sea like a giant prehistoric creature lending itself to panoramic views of land and sea.
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Jugglers Cove

Getting its name from dexterity required when navigating in and around the cove Jugglers Cove was first settled in the early 1600's and is considered the birth place of Bay Roberts.
Sítio arqueológico

Frenchs Cove

The cove is named after Edward French family who claimed land here in 1634.

Fergus Island

Fergus Island is named after John Fergus, a Scottish merchant who carried on a large supply business in 1812. His tomb and that of his daughter are located in a nearby graveyard.


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