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próximo a Santa Maria al Bagno, Puglia (Italia)

A nice walk around some small summer towns. During the hike, you'll pass many different Trulli.

The hike starts at Le Quattro Colonne. Described by some as one of the most characteristic glimpses of Salento: four ramparts of an ancient tower a few metres from a beautiful sea. Except for August, you'll be able to find some parking space here.

After crossing through a few streets of the town, you'll soon be out of town, passing several quarries that seem no longer in use. You can see very well the cutting pattern as they cut out the stones.

After a small detour due to a fence, you'll passing through a small forest near the disco "Quartiere Latino", followed by some open fields where you have a good view towards Gallipoli and the smaller sea town nearby.

You'll pass by a centuries old church or chapel called "Abbizia San Mauro".

After the church, you'll go down the hill and pass through some olive gardens and even a mandarin garden, eventually leading to the town of Rivabella. Here you'll pass by the sea for little bit to head back in land, walking parallel to the sea. If you prefer, you can also follow the sea as the track will follow the beach again 1.6 Km north but walking through the sand can be more exhausting then over paved roads.

When the beach gets very narrow, you'll go back inland and up the hills again. To go up, there is are very old steps that seems to have corroded and weather away, but you can still make out the path.

At the top of the hills you'll have a nice view over the coastline once more. The track continues over the hill on which you'll pass some more Trulli to eventually make it down to town. The last 500 meters, you'll walk along the coast line until you're back at the 4 towers.

This hike can easily be combined with 4 geocaches around the area. Even though they are not directly on the track, they can easily be accessed before or after the hike. For the geocaches and easy access points to those caches, see the waypoints linked to this hike.


From here you can access Geocache GC1G66C


The location of Geocache GC1G66C For details, see:

San Mauro

The Abbazia "San Mauro", build in the 12th and 13th century (according to a nearby sign)


This is the location of Geocache GC2ECA0


From here you can access Geocache GC2ECA0


The location of Geocache GC14YKX For details, see:


The location of Geocache GC1G683 For details, see:


The location of Geocache GC2ECB9 For details, see:


From this point you can access Geocache GC2ECB9.


From this point you can access Geocache GC14YKX.


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