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perto de Deep Cove, British Columbia (Canada)

A reasonably flat trail (for a hike to a mountain-top view), this trail is well-signed and easy to follow. The total change in altitude is about 80 metres (260 feet) up and 100 metres (330 feet) down. In summer the footing is difficult with roots and slippery rocks, small stream crossings, and wet areas providing some challenge. In normal winters, much of this is buried and the footing is better, but snowshoes are often necessary. Warmer winters, as this one (2014), lead to combined slippery roots and slick ice, making the very short under-3km (2 mile) stroll through the woods a tricky feat. Creepers, small pocketable crampons that strap over your shoes, were a popular and valuable accessory on this day.

On a clear day, the views are spectacular from Dog Mountain.

Seymour Mountain Recreational (Downhill Ski Area) Parking Lot

Seymour Mountain parking lot is 27 kilometres, about 15 miles, from downtown Vancouver.

Not a legal campsite ON First Lake

Even in a warm winter, this lake appears quite frozen. Watch out.

Second Lake

Second Lake

Trail Conditions Dicey

Leave the snow shoes on for their crampons to help on the occasional ice, or recognize that there is really no snow here at all, just like the Olympics in 2010.

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  • Brady Patterson 14/out/2019

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    One of my favourite local hikes with a hell of a view of Vancouver. I find the trail to be easy but most would mark it as moderate. The winter trail makes this much easier to navigate and while it can require snowshoes, most often I simply wear microspikes. The final view before you head back is worth carrying in a thermos of coffee or tea to take a nice rest and enjoy the view.

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